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    Question using a cdrw disc
    how do I add files to a burned cdrw?

    Im trying and it wont let me, says the disc can't be modified.

    it says cdrw on it. that means I can write to (burn) to it again right?

    but how?

    I've used macs a long time and never tried a cdrw before today lol

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    found my answer here. I would of never guessed.

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    Are you burning in sessions? If you're using Toast for example, it gives you the option of sessions or all-at-once. Be aware too that you cannot burn music to a CDRW (for use on a stereo player), only data.

    Update - oops, you beat me to it by a few minutes.

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    If the session on the CDRW was closed it can no longer be written to. Only if you use multi-session recording can you then add data to the disk. Your only option now is to erase the CDRW and start over but this time use multi-session recording. Apple has a knowledge base article on how to accomplish multi-session recording.


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