Yesterday I realized that the 6 GB I gave to windows xp when I first installed it on my MBP just weren't enough.

I tried to resize my windows xp partition using disk utility (on leopard) and PartitionMagic on windows xp.

Since I don't want to go into too much detail here, I'll just say it didn't work. I spent a whole day getting everything back to what it was like yesterday.

So, right now I'm back to where I started, and I still want to resize my windows xp partition, but this time I want some advice instead of doing what I think that should be done.

"Macintosh HD"
Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Size: 180 GB

"Windows XP"
Format: MS-DOS (FAT)
Size: 6 GB

How would you proceed to resize windows xp partition to 32 GB, while maintaining an easy way to share files between OSs (I'm using "MacDrive" to do this)?