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    Wipping Computer Clean...need help.
    Ok, so I'm currently in the process of clearing my computer. I bought this black MacBook back in the summer of 06 and finally got a external hard drive to store all of my info on. This could be a really great thing or...a really terrible thing.

    Is there any DIYs on here or someone who can spare a few extra minutes pointing out the major things I need to watch out for? Besides the obvious, what all needs to go on the x-hard drive before I wipe the computer clean?

    Thanks to anyone who can help. Your knowledge will really make the difference!

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    When ever I wipe my macbook(and I've done it several times) is back up my photos, music and documents onto the ehd. Anything you can't download needs to go on the ehd.

    Then I put in the disk and let it go from there, and the first thing I do is install all the software updates. Then download all your programs you used to have, and check for software updates again.

    That's what I do and it works well for me.

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    Whatever you want to keep needs to go on the external hard drive. Documents, photos, whatever, all needs to be saved somewhere else. A lot of applications can also be just copied onto the external and put back on the Mac afterwards.

    Anything you don't want to keep can stay where it is and be erased when you reformat and reinstall.

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