Hi Everybody,
As a Mac novice, I hope someone can help me get out of my pickle. For starters, I have a PowerBook G3 Pismo (Firewire) 400mhz laptop. For some weeks I have not been able to instal or uninstall anything under my administrative account. So I went into root and changed to permissions of the harddrive (all in GUI) so that everyone can read and write. That was the dumb move. Now, when I boot the OS, it looks like its loading, then it suddenly gives me a cream/gray screen and that's as far as it goes.

I realize the simple fix would be to reinstall the OS or use system restore. The problem is my CD drive died and I haven't been able to afford to purchase a new one. I read that sometimes a PC CD drive works in the Pismo, so I took the drive from another laptop and it spins, but it does not launch the CD.

I'm fairly comfortable with windows and linux command line, but have not used the Mac terminal enough to mount a cd from it. I don't have much on the computer I care about, so if I need to reinstall it, it won't be too painful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hooray! I got the pc drive to work and successfully restored the system. However, it still won't let me install anything. So I do need help with that. Thanks!