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    Re-Formatting External Drive to Mac
    so im trying to put really large video files on my external drive but they wont go because of the file size limits of the drive cuz its formatted in the windows format MS-DOS (FAT32) and i wanted to reformat it to the mac format so i can put the large video files i have on it for my video editing.

    i originally used it with a windows machine. all of that stuff is read-only on my mac which is also really annoying becuase i cant delete things or move then or anything.

    anyone know how to go about doing this?

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    Open up a finder window and go to your applications folder and go into a folder called "Utilities" then open the program called Disk Utility. Choose the hard drive on the left and choose the option of erase and then choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and press erase, you will lose everything on the disk and it wont be readable by Windows PC's but you will be able to store files over 4GB

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    I am running into the same problem with my 8GB USB flash drive.
    I have to keep formatting it back and forth to be able to put large files on it and also to be able to use it with a windows machine every now and then...

    Is there a solution yet?
    Maybe how to make XP read Mac OS Extended filesystems?
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