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    Okay, So here is the story

    My Father bought a macbook off a friend of his, who (being as loaded as he is) bought a AIR and gave me this. Its a fairly new Macbook and its awesome.

    However I do not have a copy of Leopard on CD and a issue has appeared.

    Boot Camp was installed and 40 gigs were partitioned to it, I did not want boot-camp at all. So I used Boot Camp Assistant and got rid of it. Didn't even think to restart the machine afterward and just went on with my business with my new laptop.

    I ended up wanting to restart for whatever reason, and it would show the gray screen and gray apple and just shut off. THEN~ I managed to do some things in Single User mode with FSCK to get it to boot.

    However the time it takes at the screen with the Grey apple and spinning wheel is EASILY ten minutes.

    That is ridiculous.

    I tried Disk Warrior and Disk Utility but neither fix the problem and I do not have access to Leopard DVD.


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    Buy a copy of Leopard either from Apple or from one of the many on line web stores. You can't do an adequate verify or FSCK while the disk is mounted, and you can't run either on an unmounted disk unless you have the OS disk set to boot with. And it certainly looks like you're going to have to reinstall the OS.


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    Well the OS it self works fine, I can DEAL with a occassional start up that takes time.

    I just want to fix it if its possible.

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