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Thread: A "32" Error

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    A "32" Error
    When I turn on my computer, I am able to log into leopard, but the second I get to my desktop, I get a root 32 error and I have to restart my computer. I have parallels on my computer with windows xp, so I dont know if that is the source problem or not.

    Im very careful not to use the windows side for anything but the one program that I need, I never surf the internet or anything like that.

    Any help would be great, thanks.

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    Error "32" is not listed among the error codes in the Apple knowledge base error code list. I'm not sure what it is but try this anyway:

    Open your Applications folder and click on Utilities. Then select "Disk Utility".

    Highlight your Macintosh HD and select "Verify". If there are errors and they can be corrected while the drive is mounted, it will do so. If there are errors which can not be corrected while the drive is mounted, use your install DVD to boot the machine and run Verify that way.


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