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    Unhappy “index-leopard-seed-1.sucatalog” couldn’t be found on the server

    I have recently installed leopard dvd from a friend which turned out to be the beta version 10.5.

    It is very glitchy, safari doesn’t work, audio changing graphic is missing and so on.

    When I try to do software up date It doesn’t work I get this message

    “The file “index-leopard-seed-1.sucatalog” couldn’t be found on the server “”. Software Update can't check for updates because of a network problem.”

    When I try to install “LoginKeychainUpd.pkg” i get so far and then it won’t let me. I get this message

    “You cannot install Login & Keychain Update on this volume. This volume does not meet the requirements for this update.”

    Is this fixable or should I just reinstate tiger?

    I know that this is my own fault for using an unregistered copy of something I should have bought and the brain ache of this has definitely tort me to just buy in future as the time spent on trying to sort this could have been spent earning the money to just buy the bloody thing. however, i am a poor student and as os x don't have serial numbers i thought it can't be that illegal to share seeming as i extended my overdraft to get this mac.

    Regards Fred

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    betas usually have problems.

    if you can't buy the software, keep what you have. And stay 'legal'.

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