I have just configured 2 OS X servers (10.5.4) where one acts as an OD master and the other the home directory server (AFP and SMB services). Both are bound to AD and all kerberos configurations are correct and working. Though I've enabled AFP and SMB on the home directory server, it isn't necessary for user homes to be available to Windows and OS X clients. Thankfully, only OS X clients need access to their home directory.

I have two questions which hopefully someone can shine some light on:

1. I'm using the homeDirectory attribute in AD to point to the user home. Out of sheer confusion, I've set the mount style to SMB. It works, however the user experience isn't what it is when AFP is used. SMB was chosen as the AD admin believed that if AFP was to be used, the AD server would need to support AFP. I'm not sure this is the case?

2. If I wanted to use AFP for the home directories, must I set the share point to automount? AD credentials are required for this to happen and I'm not sure of the implications. Must AD support AFP in this case?

More generally, what are peoples thoughts on AFP -vs- SMB operationally. While I have SMB working, is AFP worth the extra effort?

Thanks in advance!