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    Mac problem on windows server 2003 network
    I have an Apple MAC in our organisation that is causing some problems. It is a fairly new Power PC G5 Dual 2.7ghz 1.5 GB SDDR SDRAM MAC with Leopard 10.5.4 installed on it. It's connected to a Windows 2003 domain and the shared network storage is an Equallogic SAN.

    When the MAC user saves data to the shared drive, sometimes the saves don't appear to work, Folders and files disappearing when browsing for files. Different folders showing with the same name and also sometimes unable to save a file you have open back to the server you opened it from. Also sometimes when creating a folder it will create 3 or more random folders.

    This doesn't seam to happen on any other mac in our organization other than this one

    There are no particular errors when the above happens, it just appears to let these things happen.

    Any mac experts have any ideas where to try next?


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    Maybe there are some kind of permission problems ?

    How does the user connect to this shared storage? Via SMB? (Windows Filesharing), AFP, NFS ?

    This was the first thought that came to my mind.

    Maybe check the type of settings your other Mac users use, and try to replicate them on your problematic client.

    I cant come up with any other ideas now, sorry.
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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I'm a bit of a mac noob.

    I've tried connecting through SMB but it won't connect, even with the admin login.

    Usually the user browses the network and goes directly to the server through finder.

    One strange thing it does is when you open a document in illustrator or other programs it will let you save once and then if you try to save again you get an error "unexpected end of file -39"

    also had error -36 when trying to save files.

    Have had a look at the apple support codes and this is what it says for each of these:

    -36 ioErr I/O error (bummers)

    -39 eofErr End of file; no additional data in the format

    don't know if this helps at all?

    I'll have a look at the other macs and try and replicate the settings in the mean time

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