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    importing outlook 2002 files into address book
    I'm trying to import my outlook contacts folder into address book, but can't do it. I have an osx book by donald pogue that says I should export the contacts to a text file (tab delimited). I go to outlook's export function and choose tab delimited files (for windows) and it takes care of that, but when I go into address book - file - import a file - text- find the file on my flash drive and click open, the program either hangs or doesn't do anything and I have to force quit. Can anyone help me? I think i'm in os10.2 ( I downloaded the latest update when I got my new imac.) This is really frustrating.

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    Get the Office 2008 (or 2004) trial and import the text file into Entourage.

    Then use the /Library/Scripts/Address Book Scripts/Import Addresses.scpt

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