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    Angry Login screen doesn't show user/password fields
    I bought an iBook G3 on ebay running OS X Tiger. It was working perfectly well, but then I opted to see if any updates were available. The 'auto updates' recommended that I download an update for the OS which I accepted. But after the subsequent reboot I was unable to get past the logon screen: I see the Apple logo and 'MAC OS X', but I don't see the user or password fields or any 'buttons' and cannnot now login.

    What can I do to resolve this?


    ~ Prior to the upgrade the login was bypassed at startup.
    ~ I reckon that the iBook was originally used in Asia as the previous userid was displayed with Chinese or Japanese looking fonts.
    ~ iBook came without any system disks. Have I simply wasted my money?

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    You do realize you posted this twice right?

    With your question, I can't help you.... it beats me.

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    Oops. No I didn't realise, but that might have been due to the bottle of wine I drank while trying to fix my problem.

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