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    Show view options problem

    For some reason I have two folders on my desktop that refuse to follow the same rules that I have set in "Show view options"

    When I open these folders the contents icons are spread everywhere across the screen and the background colour is wrong. I then open up the "Show view options" and click on the "All windows" button and all is well until I restart the mac and then they revert to chaos again.

    I have changed the folder icons for these two folders but I have also done that with many others with no problem. Am I missing something simple ?
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    Can you give us a screenshot or list of your Window View Options? I'm also using Tiger (10.4.11 in my case). In the "All Windows" option you mention. I have the following settings:
    Icon size small
    This Window only

    Try this. In Finder, choose View > Show View Options
    Choose Icon Size (your choice - I have 20x20)
    Choose Text Size (your choice - I have 12 pt)
    Label Position (I use bottom)
    Leave all other items unchecked.

    Close View Options.
    Arrange your unruly windows the way you want them with View > Arrange By (I suggest List, at least for this exercise).
    Close the now tidy Window(s)
    Quit all Applications
    Reboot your computer, so that Finder will read your tidy windows the way you left them (hopefully),
    Open those windows to see if the icons are as you left them.

    Let us know how you've got on.

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