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Thread: Looking for Word 08 for my macbook

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    Question Looking for Word 08 for my macbook
    hey guys I'm new here I was wondering if anyone knew how I would be able to get word 08 for my macbook without paying for it? Or any good and compatible alternatives for university? much thanks

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    Open Office is a full office suite that is free and will handle the word files for you.
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    Hi Buddy,

    There is no legal way to get Word without paying for it - any such activity would be theft and very naughty.

    There are, however, some good alternatives. You might want to search the forums for something like 'iwork office' and see what you get. Basically there is Apple's own office suite 'iwork 08' which you can get for around £55. It's pretty darn good and does everything you are likely to need at Uni. There are some free alternatives e.g. NeoOffice which are totally free as as long as you don't need the more advanced features, they work great.

    Hope that's some use. I used Macs all through Uni - if I can be of any help feel free to PM me.

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    office 08 ran a whopping $70 at uni last week (that's what about 35 quid right now?)
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    Actually, you might want to check with your school to see if it subsidizes Office for its students. My undergrad university had some great deals on software, like $50 for a copy of Windows/OS X and $65 for a copy of Office.

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    Or just download NeoOffice for free (OS X port of OPen Office)

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    Just pay for it.

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