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Thread: iMac G5 New Hard Drive, No Discs - Best Options? Ideas?

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    iMac G5 New Hard Drive, No Discs - Best Options? Ideas?
    Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me with this --- I have a used iMac G5 that came without the original discs.

    The hard drive failed, so I got a replacement, formatted drive, but now I need OS X discs --- I've seen several different options, but I'm looking for the most economical option (saving $ for other upgrades ).

    - I thought I could just order replacement "original" discs from Apple, but when I called them, they said they no longer have discs for my iMac G5.

    - If I buy "Media Only" OS X discs online, do I qualify for a license, since I'm the owner of the iMac (and if so, how do I get one)?

    - If neither of these is viable, what's my best option (bite the bullet and get full retail Tiger/Leopard, get another version and upgrade, etc.)?

    Thank you in advance for your time!

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    You will need a retail copy of Tiger or Leopard to install, you could try ebay

    Do not buy grey coloured disks, they are system specific and will likelly not owrk on your G5

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    Bring back the London bus!

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    Not to jack your thread, but I'm kind of in the same position. Just recently put a hard drive in a busted iMac G5 and I was curious what operating system I'm better off installing on this. I also do not have the install discs, so I'm curious what will be more worth my money to install on this system?


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