I am trying to fix a problem on my father-in-law's iMac (Mac OS 10.4.11).

Safari (v3.1.2) is not saving any information in the Autofill and User Names and Passwords under Preferences. During a surfing session it does list web sites that I have visited but when I quit out of Safari and relaunch again, the Autofill and User Names and Passwords sections is completely empty.

I notice that my Keychain does not automatically store any password information from Web sites that I have visited. I can manually add new items to the Keychain and it still retains them even when I relaunch the Keychain application.

I am also finding that with the FTP application I am using (Transmit), the information about a particular FTP site is saved but I cannot get the password to be saved. Every time I quit out of Transmit, the password field is blank.

I have ran Repair Permissions from the Mac OS X CD and Safe Boot. Drag com.apple.keychainaccess.plist to the desktop and rebooted. No change.

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?