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    Mac virigin problems....
    Hi there, I recently baught an Imac, I love this machine but seeing that i've never owned a Mac before im finding it a little hard to get over a few problems.

    1) I copied a folder onto the mac which has most of my design files, images etc (which is found in places) and for some reason it doesnt let me edit some of the folders. (cant move or delete etc) there is a padlock at the bottom of the main icon of this folder.

    2) I also have an external Hard disk which I would like to use to store my video editing files etc etc. For some reason i cannot seem to format it. Some error sign comes up, but no actuall error, Ive been trying to format this thing for days and its very frustrating... I can format it on my pc, and the connect it to the mac, but when i transfer other video files from my pc to the mac i keep getting an "error 0" which if im not mistake means the file is too big.... IM Lost.... can any one help?

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    I think I can help with number 1. The reason you can not delete files and folders is because they are locked, this sometimes happens when, as you said you copy files from a different machine to your Mac. Apple have a support guide on their website here. But the first thing you can try is to select a folder and go File - Get Info and untick the "Locked" box.

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    and for number 2.

    are you using disk utility? nuke the drive and reformat it as ntfs is what I would do. when you say you can't reformat it, what exactly happens?
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