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    10.5 - worth putting on an iBook g4?
    Hey all.

    Fisrt post here woooo. I Have used macs before for a fair while and always prefered them. But I started work for a Microsoft Partner and that kinda put an end to that for a while. Now I've kinda caught up with Windows Im going back to the better way! got my OS X 10.5 exam booked in a few months and basically I am wondering if its whether it is worth while putting it on my iBook. Or sod it and get either a new macmini or macbook.

    any one have any suggestions?

    its a 14" ibook G4 (1.4ghz with about 1gb ram)



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    taking 10.5 exam soon

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    if you can up the ram, i'm sure that leopard would run great on that machine.

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    aw heck I've got Leopard on a eMac 1.25Ghz and 1Gb RAM, runs quite well...
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