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    Can't Boot in Target Disk Mode
    I recently bought a new iMac and am trying to migrate files, applications, etc. from a G4 Power PC running Tiger.

    The problem is that my G4 will not boot in Target Disk Mode!

    I've tried booting holding T and it just boots up as normal. I've tried going into System Preferences>Startup Disk and it does not show me the option to click to restart in Target Disk Mode.

    Possible issues:

    * There are two hard drives on the computer. Both have Tiger installed. I've tried rebooting from each hard drive and neither gives the "startup in target disk mode" option under system preferences. The smaller drive was designated as the slave drive, even though I imagine it is the drive that came with the computer originally (i bought it used).

    * I recently zeroed the data on that smaller hard drives to do a clean install of OS 10.4. Could I have somehow erased the ability to run in target disk mode?

    If anyone has any insight, it is much appreciated.

    Also, is there any other way to migrate data from this G4 besides firewire via target disk mode?

    Many thanks.

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    Sorry to bring an old thread back from the dead but it seeems the issue could be that a firmware password is enabled? check out the Can't enter Target Disk Mode thread on

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