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    Adding more back up data files to DVD-RW disc
    I have some back up files into a DVD-RW, but cannot add more files, just dragging into the disc icon.

    How comes ? and how to do it ?

    Thanks for clarification

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    Well you didn't really make your question clear. But I'll take a shot at it.

    If the DVD is blank than it shouldn't be a problem. If it has already been burned then you need to erase it first.

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    Like zeppster said you will need to copy the contents of the DVD to your hard disk and recreate the DVD with its new contents.

    If I understand it right on the PC you are doing the same thing but you don't know it.
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    As previously stated, you can't write sessions on a dvd-rw, but you can write sessions on a dvd-r. (toast and Disk Utility)
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