Ok, here's the deal. The other morning (around 4 or 5) I was trying to do a partition in one of my hard drives. I opened Disk Utility and when he ask me to confirm the partition on my 500 GB External HD, I said yes without noticing that he was going to erase all the info (I know, sooooo stupid) Anyways, I bought Data Recovery II, a wonderful tool to recover data and It recovered all my data but Is not respecting file names or archive structure. On the other hand, when I do the thorough scan, I get a CBR structure whit a lot of folders with file extension names (jpg, zip, dng, etc) but all the files, as I said before, have a generic name. Also most of the files are compress in a zip format (.gz) that when I try to decompress it, It really doesn't work. another thing is that the size of this structure is about 2.2 TB. I read that is because the program repeats a lot of files just to be sure, but the thing is that is 10 times bigger than my original structure!! I don`t have a 3TB hard drive to decompress it!! The other thing is that I get a SECOND structure that shows all my folders with the right structure as I had them and the right size (280 GB), but when I try to undelete them or recover them, all the files are corrupt and they don't work. I think is because the structure is in the deleted files of my external HD.

So here are the questions:
-How can I recover my files whit the originak structure?
-Is there a way to combine the two structures to get a good one?
-Is there a way to configure the program in such way that It doesn't compress in zip files and tht it doesn't repeat the media and I can get a right size structure?
-Is there a way to recover the structure intact, or at least part of it?

I know there has to be a way to recover that data in the right form!!

Hope you can help me!!