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    Problem with computer time after using Migration Assistant
    Hi There,

    I used Migration assitant to import settings, files etc. to my new MacBook Pro. I am currently in the CEDT timezone but, the older MacBook Pro from which I copied the files and settings, was purchased and setup in the U.S. (CDT). The old MacBook had its timezone set to CEDT. Now, the time settings are incorrect on my new MacBook Pro:

    - I have the timezone set correctly (CEDT)
    - I have Date&Time settings set such to 'Set date and time automatically'

    My computer clock displays a time which is 7 hours ahead of CEDT - i.e., it is adding 7 hours to the actual time - the conversion that was required to correct the time on the old MacBook to bring it to CEDT.

    Has anyone else run into problems like this? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Go into System Preferences, then Date & Time, and adjust your Time Zone (middle tab).

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    Thanks for that ... I might not have been clear in my first post but I already have the timezone set to the correct (CEDT) zone.

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    i had the same problem, i found the answer in a pdf somewhere...

    what it said was to delete the folder /etc/localtime.

    to find this folder you must be able to see the "invisible files"

    to see these invisible files you can download Invisibles at:

    InVisibles 1.5 software download - Mac OS X - VersionTracker

    once you do that go to your root folder and look for the folder etc and open that and look for the folder localtime, delete that folder and restart.

    you should be able to go into your date and time pref and fix the time.

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