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Thread: Upgrading to Leopard....Problems

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    Upgrading to Leopard....Problems
    I Have a G5 MBP with Tiger installed and wanted to upgrade to Leopard. I used my friends installation disk and did the "Archive and Store" method. THe install seemed to go successfully until i rebooted and had some problems. THe only part of Leopard that i seemed to have gotten was imovie and iphoto...All other programs are Tiger and my desktop still has the Tiger layout. I was just wondering what i could do to remedy this or was the problem from using a installation disk that had been already used? I have everything backed up so if worse comes to worse i could do a wipe and a clean install. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Aside from installing a copy of Leopard not licensed to you on your machine, it may be because your friend's copy is specific for his machine.

    Purchase a copy of Leopard from Apple and try again.


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    Yep spend a buck and buy the full retail install DVD.

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