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    Problem Installing OS X
    I've already searched on this forum as well as google with next to no references to my specific problem so any input would be much appreciated. The hardware is a Powerbook G4 667 w/ 512mb. CD's are Panther 10.3.2. I get past the language selection menu and that's about it, the next thing that happens is is the following....

    Essentials cannot be installed on this computer.
    Your computer is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.

    The install log shows the following...
    kern.boottime =
    Launching the installer
    Mac OS X installation Log
    Opened from: /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg
    Hardware Model: PowerBook 3,4 @ 667 MHz. 512 MB
    Running OS Build: 7D28
    Installer Language: English
    Installer[118] ("-AppleLanguages","(English)","-NSDisabledCharacterPaletteMenuItem",YES)
    Requirement: <requires "certain InstallationCheck criteria"> FAIL for context root none, domain 0
    Requirement: <requires "certain VolumeCheck criteria"> PASS for context root none, domain 0
    Requirement: <requires "certain InstallationCheck criteria"> PASS for context root none, domain 0
    Requirement: <requires != (null)> PASS for context none, domain 0

    I can get to the disk utility and can repartition/reformat. I've tried Journal / non journal'ed options and with/without OS 9 support.

    Thanks for reading....

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    did you repair permissions before attempting to install? that probably would have done it, the installer was reading receipts on your hd, these may have had bad or incorrect permissions causing the installer to do this.

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