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    128 MB unallocated partition
    Alright, so I went ahead and installed windows on my macbook pro.. and I decided I wanted to make a second partition on the windows drive. Using GPartedLiveCD, I started to split the windows drive, but I missed a couple steps so I had to remove windows and start from scratch. The thing is, earlier, when I was choosing the size of my new partition, it would always affect the 128MB partition before the bootcamp partition. At first, it showed that it was going to take off a couple MB, so I added a few to that partition in fear of deleting something. After I created the partition, the unallocated space had 135 MB. I'm not sure if adding to that also messes things up. Anyways, as I mentioned earlier, I missed a few steps so I could not go further. When I rebooted the computer, the option to boot into windows was no longer there. So I assumed the 128mb was just a boot partition and once I removed windows I could start over and it would be gone. But now that I've removed windows, I realized that the 128 mb is part of the OS X system, but for some reason it is only 125MB now. My system works fine, but can anyone tell me what the 128 MB of unallocated space is used for? Something critical? Is there anyway to restore that to its original state without reinstalling osx? Please let me know.


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    So I did some research and found out that it is an EFI partition that is placed between each user volume. But I'm still wondering what modifying its size will do, and if the process can be undone.

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