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    Automatic Sleep
    This is a used computer so I don't exactly know what applications are on it, but it's a G4, 10.3.5. Problem: it always says it's scheduled for Automatic Sleep at 1:05 am. Easy enough, just go to System Pref -> Energy Save and switch off the scheduled sleep. Did that, it still goes to sleep at 1:00 am. Any idea if another program might be causing this? What else could it be?

    Here's the window that pops up at 1:05am: "This computer is scheduled for automatic sleep in 05min 00sec."

    But it's not! I swear...

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    Hmm...If it's a used computer, and you have an OS X.3 installation disc, I'd say do a clean install...It'll be like new!

    If you can't do that, then I'd say take a look at what apps are running(Activity monitor inside Utilities)...look around in the Applications folder for some app that has to do with automation, etc.

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