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    Re-Installing Applications
    So here's the problem, my PowerMac G5 has been getting more and more buggy recently and I've somehow let a lot of things get unorganized. I've got files scattered all over and I've decided the best solution is to just do a fresh install of Leopard. Now the only problem is I have a lot of applications, I mean a lot. For some reason I tossed out the disc images with the installers on them when I was finished installing the apps for the first time. At first I thought I could literally just drag the applications to my external drive before the install and then back from my external drive into the applications folder when I was done with the fresh install, but then I realized that wouldn't work because some of the core files of the applications are spread out into different folders on the system. So when I dragged the apps back in, they would be missing critical files and end up not working. Do you see my problem? I need some solution that will save me having to re-download and re-install the 80+ applications I currently have on my mac. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Use super duper to back-up your whole hard drive to the external

    Wipe and install OS X leopard

    Use migration assistant to migrate the apps back to the main disk from the external

    Manually pull back your other files, making your file folder structure more tidy this time

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