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    Attach Photo's on Hotmail
    I didnt know where to put this question, so here goes.
    I just switched from a Toshiba qosmio to a Macbook. I take a lot of pictures from my Camera and like to share it with my friends using hotmail. What I did was, take pictures, go to the hotmail website, and attach them using the photo option from the drop down menu.
    This option would automatically shrink, crop and attach the photos, which was really easy. Now using the Mac(which I love), I dont have that option on the website, it only says attach files. I dont mind doing that, but then I have to separately modify each photo and then attch them, which takes too much time.
    Is there any way I can get back the option on the Hotmail website? Im using Mac OSX 10.5.4. Please help.

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    have you tried the email function in iPhoto? you can attach multiple pictures and just set the options one time before it sends the email out.

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I tried that but it takes me to apple mail not hotmail in Safari. and by the way since the past 3 days im unable to open the hotmail website?? I can sign in but then it gives an error. ??? Any help?

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