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    HDD reformat and OS X install hang
    Hi all, have replaced a failed HDD in my PowerBook G4 15". The drive replacement went well. I inserted the OS X install disk and reformated and partitioned the new HDD using the disk utility. The install utility then ran and all seemed to be progressing nicely. The destination disk checks were all completed and the actual install began. The install progresses so far then just hangs. It always gets to the language install section and will normally hang on "Swedish".

    Not sure what us going on here. I have sent away for a replacement battery as it qualifies under the exchange/replacement scheme but am running off AC power with no battery present so cannot see any link there.

    Could it be a faulty/scratched install disk?

    Anyone encounter anything similar or can point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    One of the first tests is to check to the install DVD, did you let that run? Then there is the unfortunate possibility that on a machine that old the DVD player itself is wounded.

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    Thanks for the reply... do you mean did I check the install DVD? Is there a utility to check that on the install media?



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