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Thread: Update problems

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    Update problems
    I've recently updated some OS X Combined things. When I was shutting down, i was prompted to do the installation of those things updated. I then proceeded with the installation but during that, I need to shut down my laptop and thus I held the power button until it shut down manually.

    After that, I want to do the update again, and thus I go to the Software Update and the prompt goes with Checking Update..., then when I click on the Update Now, it does not download the update as usual, but it prompted me with a message asking me if I want to install the update, and thus restart my computer.

    I then proceeded with restarting and I waited as the computer goes with the installation. But even in the beginning of the installation, the process bar just stuck there without moving. How can I continue with the Software Update?

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    are you trying to update OS X?

    if so it may be easier to manually download the combo update and run te updater from the desktop

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    Try doing as lousihen suggests downloading only from Apple, then run Repair Permissions from Disk Utility, disable antivirus software, if any, and disconnect non essential items other than keyboard and mouse, install update and when finished again run Repair Permissions.

    Keep us posted.

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    I was also under the impression that you never shut a computer down during the processing of anything. And even if you want to, shut it down properly. Every time you abruptly power down the computer like that. The HD drops everything it was doing and that now becomes fragmented files that will either slow down your machine or start to cause problems with reliability.

    In either case my friend i strongly suggest that you use the 'Shut Down" feature located under the apple sign on the desktop. Your computer will thank you in the long run!

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    It can, it depends on exactly what the drive is actually doing at the moment. If it's doing a read, not a huge problem. It's writes that have a larger issue.

    You should always perform a graceful shutdown if at all possible. Or get used to fsck I don't think repair permissions will help, you'd actually have to repair inodes in this case I think, if indeed it was a write that got trashed. I don't know enough about the actual update code to tell you what it was likely doing.
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