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    I logged on to my computer one day and noticed that all my settings/web favorites and documents were gone.
    I slowly realized that when I logged on, it was no longer going to my home user rather creating a new one every time. which meant that firefox/messenger/etc were all being used opened for the first time an required set up/start pages every time I shut down my computer.
    I went on apple's tech support and they said that I had probably changed my user name which sent everything out of whack. I had not done that but at this point I wasn't gonna argue. I was instructed to create a new user with admin privilages and go in as the new user and change my apple/home users name. I tried that but it did not work.
    Any ideas how I could go back to using my home folder?

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    Did you rename your User folder at any stage

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    Or try to change your short name?
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