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    How to record audio streams?????
    I'm new to Macs and OSX, have a 2.0 dual G5 2gb ram, running OSX.

    I listen to realplayer audiostreams, or live radio shows. I want to record them cut them up and burn to cd. bascially have it play and record what is playing through realplayer, itunes radio stream or whatever.

    I have downloaded some recommended audio recording programs.
    But I cannot seem to get anything working, I see no stream or waves coming through in the monitor of the software and I record nothing.

    The system preferences has nothing to allow me to do anything!!!!!!! unlike windows has diffrenet aux, line in,..... etc. you can select.

    I heard you need to get special cables reconnect them someway from in to out...... I read a post somewhere I did not understand.

    Can someone explain to me what I need to do physically and where to plug what on my dual G5, and what cables, where can I get them, and then what do i need to do as in preferences. to get it working.

    A simple step by step explanation would be greatly appreciated,

    please and thank you.

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    Whatever sound you are hearing out of your speakers this thing will record.....Simple to use
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