Hi everyone!

I've got a question for you. I have a palm that I'm syncing at work on a pc and that I want to sync at home with my powerbook. The point is, where can I change the settings on my mac to be sure that my palm data always overwrite the one on my PB since my office agenda is the main one. I only want it on my PB as info.

Th first sync have been made at the office and I've been able to do it on my mac too after. Since nothing was on my PB before everything on my palm have been transfer in ical and the adress book, but what happen when I will make my next sync.

Anyone could help?


P.S: system info: Palm tungsten t, powerbook G4 12", syncing with bluetooth at home and cradle at work, lotus notes 6 at work, isync last version, palm desktop 4.0, hotsync manager 3.0.2, ical last version.