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    Classic environment??
    I Have been on an intel 10.5 for some time now, but we have always had to keep older mac in the office for classic applications. We are an engineering firm and have many Claris Resolve spreadsheets we use for design, some of which have taken years to develop. The scripts in resolve have never been able to be exported to another format. We are realising as the older machines in the office die one by one, there will be a time when we won't be able to access these spreadsheets.

    As previously stated some of our structural design spreadsheets were developed over many years, has anyone else dealt with this problem? I have heard of sheep shaver the classic simulation program, i haven't used it yet but i am not sure this would be a long term solution.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Well if you can get Resolve to work reliably under SheepShaver, it could be a long-term solution. Despite that, I think it's a bad idea to cling to a long-dead format, especially considering the lengths it will take now. Apple isn't supporting it in any way, shape or form (Resolve or the Classic Mac OS). It's time to bite the bullet, evaluate the existing spreadsheet apps, and settle on a suitable replacement application and format. The longer you wait, the harder it will get and the greater your risks of losing access to those spreadsheets.

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