Hello all,

For a while now whenever I sync my ipod touch to itunes (currently 7.7) it 'updates' over 100 items.

I'm not sure what 'updating' even means but I know I haven't played/changed most of the songs it's updating.

Does anyone know what it is updating and why, and how I can stop it? I could understand if it was updating 'last played' or some other data... but it seem to 'update' arbitrarily.

More to the point; if I sync, wait while it 'updates' 100+ items, then unplug. The next time I sync, it will update the same items again. Madness.

Also, this morning when I turned on my Mac time machine backed up over 20GB of data. I know I haven't created or updated 20GB of date between putting the Mac to sleep last night, and turning it on this morning - what on earth was it backing up? Is there a way of view a list of files it backs up?

Thanks in advance,