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    New User, clone and partion external drive
    I'm setting up a Macbook Pro 2.33GHz running Tiger 10.4.11 , for my daughter. All has gone well, I've installed FCP Studio Academic (shes studying Film and TV Production at Uni).

    I purchased a supported true esata card and external 500GB esata /USB 2 drive.

    The drive arrived with NTFS partitioning already in place.

    I'd like to 1) Have 3 partitions on the drive. a) A bootable clone of HD1 b) 150 200 GB General Folder c) 150-200 scratch drive for Studio use under esata.

    The idea being to generally run the drive as esata, but if things go wrong to be able to boot under USB .

    Hope this is making sense.

    I know I have to partition the drive or format the drive as GUID, but I'm not sure if the above is feasible, or in what order to do these things to make it work.

    I've download CCC to make the clone with, I assume I use the Disk utility for the drive prep.

    Will CCC be able to do the regular backing up to the clone via esata, Basically only use the USB as fall back in time of trouble.

    Sorry but I'm a PC user, and this is my first foray to the Dark Side

    Oh and do I use file or block cloning?

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    You're correct, use Disk Utility for the prep. There you can partition the drive into 3 partitions. Format the first and second parttiton with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and the third for Studio with the same NTFS or FAT32 (not sure what Studio uses). For the bootable backup on partition 1, download and use SuperDuper - it will make the backup bootable as default - it's free for that use or $27.95 for full use with scheduling. Get it here: Then on partition 2, you can use it however you want for Mac files.

    As for the cloning on SuperDuper, it will take care of it all and will give you an exact clone of your Mac hard drive. Sorry, not familiar with CCC, but I know lots of folks here do use it.

    Did I miss anything?


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    Thank you Noel,
    I'm struggling a bit with the change in systems/terminology, (had real fun with one button mouse, turned the air blue) Just wanted to make sure all was possible.

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