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Thread: SO Scared I got a virus!!!!! What DO I DO

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    The reason it popped up and said that you had a trojan is because Norton will detect windows viruses also. If you had looked at the file extension on that "virus" you would have found that it was a .exe. Mac doesn't use executables. It was a PC virus and wouldn't have been able to harm your Mac. Norton will detect it and try to take care of it anyway in order to keep you from passing it on to other PC users.

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    Someone could easliy wright a Trojan and it would take a while for Apple them selves to stop it, they would have to figure out what it is first. A Trojan would have nothing to do with "registry" all a Trojan is, is a program that hides and runs in the background, usually sends the IP address of the victim to the person that installed it, or sent it to you. The only thing I don't understand is how you would get someone to install a Trojan since there is no way to really auto run a program on a mac? Unless you made it in Java and just made a nice "FREEMONEY.jar" file and they clicked that....It could be done, but if I were going to write a Trojan I suppose I would write it for windows. Most Trojans by the way are installed by people you know.

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    Well, obviously, it's not as easy as you might think to write a Trojan for Mac, otherwise it would exist already. A UNIX-based system is not as easy to fool around with, that's why malicious software like a virus, worm or trojan isn't easily made.
    The reason why most of this things are written for Windows is mainly because it's the largest userbase, but also because Windows makes it so easy to break in it's system...

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