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    Problem with baseball sites.

    I recently got Cox cable internet service. It is working fine except that I cannot access ANY official major league baseball sites. It starts to load then the screen turns white, the MLB logo appears, and underneath it is written, "We are sorry, but you have reached this page in error. Please try the action again and if the problem continues contact Customer Service". No other sites do this. Only and any official team site associated with

    I contacted Cox and all they said was delete my cookies (did it) and empty my cache (did it). Still the same problem. Finally they said contact the manufacturer (just to get me to quit bugging them?)

    I have used this same Mac G4 with all the same settings (with Safari) to access baseball sites when using the coffee shop's Wifi. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar problems?

    Please be gentle on me, I know very little technical speak

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    Download and try Camino or Opera.

    Create a new user and try the sites in Safari as the new user.

    This will help determine if the issue is user/program based.

    I also know that MLB has switch to Silverlight as its media player. Oh joy.

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    Thanks. I just updated my Safari and it's worked ever since. Didn't realize I was even out of date!

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