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    Firewire transfer
    I am trying to transfer files via firewire. (Powerbook to iMac) When connected, there is a new hard drive appearing on the iMac, but the contents that it shows is not that of the Powerbook. (I started the PB with the "T" button pushed so the firewire logo appears on the PB screen) Any ideas as to where the contents of the PB would show?

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    See if this update for Firewire helps.

    "FireWire 2.3.3 fixes one issue that may be experienced by customers who are presently using FireWire 2.3.2:"
    • Target Disk Mode will now work correctly on PowerBook computers with built-in FireWire.
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    Thank you for the reply, however, I am using Tiger on the PB and Leopard on the iMac, so I think I am using the latest firewire update. How could I tell for sure?

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