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    Can't Access Volumes on 2nd Internal Hard Drive
    Hi... I have a G5 mac running Leopard with 2 internal hard drives... one for the OS volume named Macintosh HD and the second one has two volumes.. one called Data and one for Time Machine backups. a few weeks ago the permissions got messed up on my primary volume Macintosh HD which caused the OS not to operate correctly. Time machine backups also stopped running and no longer had access to the Data and Time Machine volumes on the 2nd drive. I was able to restore my OS to a previous backup through Time Machine, but I still can't access the volumes on the 2nd drive. When trying to click on the Data or Time Machine volume in Finder I get the error message "The folder "Data" could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access privleges". When I Get Info on the volumes, under Sharing and Permission my name is listed twice with Custom, (unknown) is listed with Custom, and Everyone is listed with Custom. When I try to change the permissions to Read + Write or anything for that matter it just reverts to Custom, or more accurately it just doesn't even change at all.. it stays on Custom.

    I tried to go into Disk Utlity to Repair Permissions but when I click on either volume on the 2nd drive, the Verify and Repair Disk Permissions buttons are greyed out. I then tried booting from the OS cd and ran disk utlity from the disk, but was still unable to make the repair or verify selections.

    I have also looked into some forums and found users with similar, but not the same problem. From these forums I attempted running some commands in the Terminal to try and take owndership of the volume, and even though I ran these commands as root, I still got an access denied message. Sorry I don't have the full details of the commands, I did not record this info.

    My experience with the terminal is very limited, so I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Can't Access Volumes on 2nd Internal Hard Drive
    I had the same problem, a friend helped me with this solution and it did the trick for me

    1) Restart the Mac

    2) Using terminal, use the following command for each of the offending, internal drives with the lock symbol.

    sudo chflags -R nouchg /Volumes/*****

    replace ***** with the name of the volume

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    thanks for the reply.. from the terminal I was actually able to copy the directories to my primary drive. I then booted from the OS disk and re-formatted the entire second drive and recreated the 2 new volumes and restored.

    I'm sure what you suggested is a much better method, but at the time I wasn't sure if I would get a response.

    for my understanding, what does the actual command do that you suggested?


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    You are my sunshine!!!
    Thanks goodness there is people that help people!
    I was desperated yesterday, when suddenly any of my hard drives where accessible, with the permissions problem this men posted. I did all I could, and I was near to reinstall the OS and do whaterver crazy thing I could imagine. Thanks God I found this post, and it worked!!!!!

    YOu saved my weekend!!!

    IT WORKED!!!! without formationg, without crazy whatever!!!

    As it went wrong, it came back right!!!!

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