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    Need help restoring lost hdd space.
    Hi, all. I am having a problem with my hard drive. I have a macbook with a 160 GB Hard Drive, but the os will only recognize 111.47 GB. The problem started when I installed boot camp. I decided that I wanted Vista instead of XP so I took the XP partition off, and did another partition for the Vista dual boot. I lost about 20 GB at that point. I then decided that I would just use VMWare, and undid the Vista partition using the Disk Utility. Then I noticed that my hard drive was down to 111.47 GB total capacity. The os thinks that the hard drive is only 111 GB. Even disk utility thinks this. The disk utility shows only one partition with the mac os using 100% of the space. It's like 40 GB just vanished. I know that some space will be lost due to the conversion of bytes from decimal to binary, but this is clearly more. Please, any ideas on how to recover my 40+ GB of space?

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    Can you run the following in Terminal and post back the results?

    diskutil list

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