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    blue screen/question mark on a folder - can I backing up my files?!
    Hi everyone,

    Recently, while I was working on my macbook, the computer froze and when I tried to restart it, I couldn't get past the blue screen. then after turning it off and trying to restart it again, I started getting the flashing question mark on a folder screen.

    I was told that I probably need to get the hardware replaced. My computer is less than a year old so I really didn't expect something like this to happen

    I was wondering if anyone know whether this could be due to something other than hardware damage?

    Is there any way I can still access some of my files on the computer and back them up? I was working on something really important but I didn't get a chance to save them on a disc!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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    Some info first...
    A flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac

    A few things to try. Since you can't boot normally, you'll need to boot from your install disk. Hold "c" while booting with the install disk.
    (If there is a mechanical failure, you'll know very quickly)

    Try Disk Utility / Repair disk.
    Check the SMART status of your HDD.
    The Apple Hardware Test

    And if you have access to another Mac, try Target disk mode. (if you can access your HDD, you may be able to backup your files)
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