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    Big Problem IPod+OS
    I was in ITunes and deleted a playlist and created a new playlist. I have auto sync turned off. I connected my 20G IPod to its dock, hit ISync, the wheel started turning then froze. The Ipod indicated "do not disconnect"
    I couldn't force a close on ITunes and I couldn't reboot so I disconnected power the restarted the computer. When the desktop came on the Dock on the bottom was larger than before and missing many of applications.
    I did a repair permissions, rebooted and tried again to sync the IPod. The same thing happened. This happens everytime now. I don't understand why the screen seems larger. The display is set at 1024x768 but everything looks a little bigger.
    I also turned autosync back on and the same thing occurred. I had my G5 for 1 year and this is the first crash.

    Thank you Vincent. It worked.

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    1. NEVER disonnect the power! the power button on the front of the g5, when hed down, will force shut down the mac. doing this most likely shocked your pram and reset a few things, just go into system prefs and try resetting your settings to how they were, and then try to restart. Id also recommend running disk first aid off the panther install disk 1, or g5 software restore you have zoom turned on in universal access pane of system preferences? try hitting command(apple button)+ option+ - and see if it zooms many times have you repaired permissions? Id say run it a few times to make sure you get everything. and if the ipod freezes, or hits a snag, hold down menu and play on the ipod until you see the apple logo to restart it, nothing will be lost.

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