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    Dec 12, 2006
    Dual Monitor Problem with MBP 1stgen.
    So I just reinstalled a fresh copy of leopard. I installed my windows partition right after that. After I go back info osx and start setting up my mac. Well when I plug in my 22inch lcd to it now via dvi my mpb screen goes gray and my 22" lcd is perfectly fine with the menu bar. No idea what to do. Id don't really want to waste 3-4 hours installing leopard again.

    thanks mates.

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    I'd check in the Displays preference pane, see if it's set to use external as primary if connected.....just make the approriate change if ned be.
    This is a multiplatform home !

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    So i just opened my mac and it works now.
    I did nothing at all. Glad apple can fix my problems for me.

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