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    Unhappy Hard Drive Space Available Inaccurate...
    Check this out:

    17" PB running OSX 10.3.4, Get Info on drive shows:
    Capacity: 74.4 GB
    Available: 3.77 GB
    Used: 70.63 GB

    Select entire contents of drive and Get Info and it shows 14.4 GB selected (consistently). Where did all the space go? Searched for invisible files showed nothing unusual. Ran DiskWarrior (which is, incidentally, the only CD that will boot the darned thing (fixed Volume info)).

    Doing a backup now to see how much winds up on the external drive. Plan on doing a reformat and re-install but wondered if any one'd seen anything like this before?




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    I'm not sure if this is the case, but i herd someone else on a similar post say it may be FileVault.

    See if filevault is active, if it is, it may be the case. If not, then i'm not sure since i really never experience this problem. But check the file vault thing.

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