Hi Everyone,

I am unsure as to whether this is a software issue or not. I was adjusting the brightness of my laptop and the keyboard (F1, F2,F9 & F10 keys). I turns my keyboard lights to full and turned the monitor down to 0 or black. But then I couldn't turn the monitor lights back on and see my screen. So I had to do a forced shut down with the power button. Now when I turn on my laptop all I get is a white screen. I do have boot camp and I can press the option key and get it to the point where it asks me if I want to use the MAC HDD or the Windows. If I go to windows it shows me a warning 0000006 something TRAP. Whatever that means. When I got to the mac hdd it is just the white screen.

Any ideas? I don't have apple care but after this of course I'm definitely getting it. I have a 15inch Macbook Pro. I have reset the PRAM. Not sure if I have reset the PRU. But before my laptop never made that turning on sound, now after I reset the PRAM it does. But it didn't change anything else.