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    Unhappy Trouble @ Stratup??
    HELP needed!!

    I've got a dual 450 G4 with 1.12GB ram running Jaguar 10.2.6.

    Everytime I startup my machine seems to freeze on the Grey opening screen? I've disconnected everything, run Norton's and Disk Utility from discs but still the problem exists??

    The only way I can get my machine to boot up is by pressing the 'RETURN' key a few times in order to help it along?

    Does anyone know whats causing this as it's starting to do my head in!!



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    Hmm... have you tried just letting it sit?

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    I do believe that the more memory you have the longer it takes to boot up.

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    yes, that is true 2..

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    First off, you need to give more information as to your machine's specs. I'm assuming you own the original model with upgraded RAM.

    I own this model desktop. There are various things that could affect your machine's start-up time in OS 10.2.6. They vary from fragments on the hard drive, the original 5400rpm hard drive in the machine(assuming you still have the original hard drive), the ATI 16mb VRAM graphics card, and if you upgraded from OS 9 without updating the firmware. Assuming you have the OS 10.2 install software disk.....I can only offer this advice.

    First admit that your machine is outdated and could use a couple of upgrades!

    Go to the store and purchase:
    1. Any 7200rpm 8mb cache hard drive
    2. Mac Edition Radeon 8500 or 9000 graphics card

    Then, turn off the machine and open it up:
    1. Disconnect the original hard drive and leave it completely disconnected until further advised.
    2. Install the new 7200rpm drive and the new 32mb+ graphics card
    3. With your OS 10.2 install cd in hand, turn on your machine and insert the install CD.
    4. Go through the install process and make sure you install all the graphics card software as well.
    5. Get all the updates for OS 10.2.......bringing it up to 10.2.6
    6. Once all of this it said and done, turn off your machine and open it up. Your original hard drive should be a Quantum 5400rpm drive...remove the drive's jumper and reconnect it(this will set it to slave, but fear not..for you can still start-up from this disk).
    7. Your machine should be a better running machine for handling OS X now. You should be able to select which disk starts up under SYSTEM PREFERENCES-START UP DISK

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    I've been running 10.2.2 on my G4 with no troubles for ages!

    The problem started after running System Optimizer X 4.0.5. When i restarted it just seemed to stall an the greay apple screen until i pressed 'return' - kick starting it!!

    It's the same story booting into safe mode too, although starting up on OS9 is fine - shoots through no worries.

    It's been like this for over a week now and starting to bug me!!

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    How long have you guys tried waiting? I remember when I have optimized my system it took between 30 mins to an hour to finally startup, but then after that I didnt have any problems.. now I just don't optimize my system and it actually runs better then when I did...

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    1. Restart in OS 9 (meaning boot-up in OS 9 not Classic in OS X)
    2. Go to the "Apple" in the top left of the screen and click.
    3. Go down to "Control Panels".
    4. Go over and down to "Software Update" and click.
    5. Click "Update Now".
    6. Install any updates and follow up with a restart.
    7. Once restarted in OS 9, go to the "Apple" again and click.
    8. Go down one notch to "About this computer" and click.
    9. Beside "Version" it should state "Mac OS 9.2.2"(if it states OS 9.2.2 skip down to step 15).
    10. If not(meaning that it states 9.1 or 9.2.1), open Internet Explorer(or whatever you use to surf the internet).
    11. Go to the Apple website, click "Support".
    12. Under select your product select "OS 9" and click.
    13. Go down the page to "Updates for OS 9" and select and download "9.2.2".
    14. Restart again in OS 9 in check the "Control Panels/Software Update/Update Now", and update if nessary.
    15. Restart now in OS X, no matter how long it takes.
    16. Once booted in OS X, start "Classic Mode".
    17. Once "Classic Mode" is fully started up, quit "Classic Mode".
    18. After quitting "Classic Mode", restart in OSX.

    Hopefully, now OS X will start-up smoother. If not:

    1. Don't shut down your system, use "Sleep".
    2. Purchase a copy of DiskWarrior 3.0 and run it directly off the CD, do not install DiskWarrior.
    3. After getting DiskWarrior, go ahead and get that Radeon 8500 or 9000 graphics card. Video Memory may be your problem. OS X needs at least 32mb of VRAM. Warning: Do not purchase a PCI-bus graphics card!

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    sorry to resurrect an old post, but i'm going through looking for help with "open firmware"

    OS X runs just **** fine on four megs of video ram on my Powerbook G3 (M4753). Till the battery dies, then the OF resets, and I get the flashing "?" on a diskette. Quite annoying, seeing as I a) lack the space to archive + install b) cant afford to 'send it in' c) have a lot of data I just, cant, lose. Perhaps I should have moved it to the second partition, but that's hindsight for you.

    20GB HDD, next to no experience with Open Firmware, and no idea how to make it boot from my OSX partition. Any ideas? I need this thing back up and running ASAP

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