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    Help Viewer

    When I open the 'Help Viewer' window from 'Finder', the computers fan starts rapidly increasing in speed and nothing appears in the help window, yet the fan continues to whir away.

    Anyone know why this is occuring?

    Also, I have dial-up internet and when I leave the computer for 10minutes or so, when I come back to it I will have been disconnected from the internet. How do I stop this from happening?


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    What version of the OS are you running?

    Help in Jaguar is really slow and it could just be taking awhile to load.

    On Panther it's definitely better, but it's still not the snappiest program.

    As for the disconnection from dial-up, that may be your provider. If there's no activity, most providers will end the connection after a certain length of time. 10 minutes does seem a bit quick though, but you may want to ask them about their policy on this.
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    I'm running Panther, but I have figured out why I was getting a blank screen in the help viewer... I just needed to select a topic from the help library first . Still, I dont know why the fan needs to work so hard when its only a help window thats up.

    As for the internet disconnection.. I dont think its my provider, beacause there is a message that appears from 'Internet Connect'... I dont recall what it says exactly but it mentions that due to lack of activity it has been disconnected. I think it has something to do with the 'sleep' function.


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