Hi there,

Has anyone experienced problems with their Address Book on OS 10.4?
I have a Mac Book running on OS 10.4.11, with 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with 1GB RAM and 120 GB hard disk.

I do daily backups of my address book with .Mac as my contacts are the core of my business.

In my transition from PC to MAC, my contacts somehow got multiplied due to various distribution lists I have, and I'm still going through the entire thing to delete the doubles (sometimes triples), etc.

Anyway, since recently, my address book started crashing. It gets blocked, so I have to force quit, and when I start it again, all the contacts are gone (3500 of them). Luckily, I have my daily backups so I can refer to the backed up version online. Once I retreive the backed up version, everything runs smoothly. Sometimes it even happens that the contacts which got added after the backup itself also appear back. Super weird.

In the last few days, the address book happened 3 times, and now I;m starting to get really worried.

Help? Suggestions?