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Thread: OSX Panther boot

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    OSX Panther boot
    It takes an inordinate amount of time to boot up the system. I have no programs that are set to run on startup. It just takes at least three minutes until my desktop is fully loaded. What could be done to remedy this?

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    again, its fonts. you have so many fonts, 6,000 I think you said, and os x has to load each and every font every time your mac starts up, apps will open and run slower cause of this well. I have close to 20,000 fonts at current, and it takes my 450mhz mac about 20 seconds to start up fully, cause I use suitcase, and only leave the required 10 or so system fonts active at all times.
    pretend youre a chef, and every time you wanna bake a cake, you have to crack 6,000 eggs, whether youll use them all or not, before you start, thats what os x is doing when it starts up and opens apps, and I know theres no way you use all those fonts every time you have your mac on.

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